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Get to know the operating rules of our space.

Be honest, honored and worthy in any situation, with the colleagues and with the customers.

All coworkers must take care of their space and common areas, keeping them clean and properly sanitized.

One of the space's objectives is to encourage awareness and respect for the environment, all its users must put into practice sustainable actions, such as the separation of waste.

Always criticize the person in question in a polite way, without ever disrespecting or denigrating the other person's image. Always be transparent and never create intrigues.

Never tamper with the belongings of others, both colleagues and customers. Do it only with their permission.

All information resulting from the business relationship between the company and the customer must remain private, unless requested or authorized by the customer.

Promote a healthy and respectful relationship between all stakeholders and avoid inappropriate conduct.

Never do anything that harms or disrespects the rights of others.

Connecting with other people is always positive. Start with a simple “Hello” or “Good morning” and never forget to smile. A connected community makes the coworking space more vibrant.

Respect as much as possible the work and concentration of others, avoiding unnecessary noise or noisy conversations.

You can download our Internal Regulations here .

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