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In Lagos

Learn more about Lagos, here you will find some suggestions of what to do.

Cultural Equipment

Lagos Living Science Center

The project of the Centro Ciência Viva de Lagos is an initiative of the Municipality of Lagos, in response to the stimulus launched by Ciência Viva – National Agency for Scientific and Technological Culture.

Lagos Municipal Library

Located on Rua Dr. Júlio Dantas, in the birthplace of the writer and prominent public figure that gives him his name, it is part of the Public Reading Libraries network and aims at education, information, culture and leisure.


Meia Praia beach

This beach, which runs along the curve of the bay, over an extension of more than four kilometers, to the Rio de Alvor, is separated from the gently sloping terrain that surrounds it like an amphitheater, by a dune cord of outstanding beauty.

Praia da Batata beach

It is located between the western jetty of Ribeira de Bensafrim and Praia dos Estudantes, near the Cais da Solaria and the Ponta da Bandeira Fortress, a few hundred meters from the historic center of Lagos. It is a very popular beach, due to its proximity to the urban center and sheltered corners.

Architectural Classified

Arch of São Gonçalo

Oratory built in the 1940s to perpetuate the memory of the Patron Saint of Lagos, who was born in 1360, according to tradition, in a house located next to Portas do Mar, in the place where his niche and image can be found today.

Armazém Regimental

Dating back to 1665, this property for the storage of products brought by the ships that docked in Lagos, is located in Praça do Infante, and on its main façade, over each of the doors, a coat of arms of the Kingdom of Algarve and, among them, the seal of the Count of Avintes.

Museum Equipment

Museum of Lagos Dr. José Formosinho

Founded in 1932 by its patron, José Formosinho, this museum equipment quickly developed thanks to the combined efforts of archaeological excavations organized by him and constant donations, turning it into a multidisciplinary museum with valuable and unique collections. His assets include archeology, sacred art, history of Lagos, ethnography of the Algarve, painting, numismatics, mineralogy and overseas ethnography.

Shotgun Warehouse

“Lagos – The City and its Time” is the theme that embodies the municipal equipment Armazém do Espingardeiro. Military building that integrated the complex of military structures in Lagos from the mid-century. XVII was restored to its original design by the City Council, becoming the Interpretation Center of Urban Evolution of the City of Lagos, with the purpose of serving the community and also informing visitors about its evolution and temporal development.

Momondo travel guides

Momondo travel guides

Momondo has a guide about all the places, experiences and activities to explore in our city of Lagos. For more details visit them here:

Common Questions

- What is the best airport to land at when flying to Lagos?

The best airport to fly to Lagos is the airport: Faro.

- What months are the hottest and coldest in Lagos?

You will probably experience the hottest weather in Lagos in July, where it will be up to 24°C with maximum temperatures up to 28°C. You can expect January to be the coldest month with temperatures around 11°C, which can drop to 6°C.

- Which month is the rainiest in Lagos?

December tends to be the rainiest month of the year in Lagos, with precipitation around 102 mm.

- How long should a stay in Lagos last?

Visitors spend an average of 6 days in Lagos. That is enough time to see the main tourist attractions.

- Can I rent a car in Lagos?

Yes, you can rent a car in Lagos for about DKK 234 per person. day at this time of year according to our research with momondo users.

- Where can I take a day trip around Lagos?

Porto de Mós, Odiáxere and Praia da Luz are places you can visit on a trip to Lagos.

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